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Passion Fetish Kit Gift Box

Passion Fetish Kit Gift Box

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Indulge In Your Fetish Fantasies With This Kinky Kit!

This set of dark delights features everything you need to begin your BDSM journey! Everything you need to fulfill your dark fantasies is included in this Passion Fetish Kit: a lush suede flogger, fuzzy lockable wrist cuffs, a smooth comfy blindfold, and an intense poking pinwheel. Perfect to gift others or yourself - take this Fetish Kit with you for a night of light bondage fun!

The lush falls of the suede flogger are soft and satisfying to the touch. Small enough for portability and to provide just the right amount of sting when striking your partner to get their sexual appetite going! The wrist loop keeps the flogger secure in your hand during use and helps with storage after your scene.

The fuzzy pink cuffs add a splash of color to your dungeon fun! Comfy and lockable with 2 keys included and a built in safety release in case you need to break free for emergencies. Lock your lover's wrists together in combination with the included blindfold and pinwheel and indulge in some light BDSM for the night!

The stretchy satin blindfold fits most head sizes without discomfort! Smooth on one side and plush on the other, this blindfold is designed to heighten your lover's sense of touch when worn. Perfect for use with the included pinwheel - blind your lover and have your way with their body!

Roll this pokey pinwheel along the sensitive flesh of your subject! Target sensitive areas like the bend of their waist, back of their thigh, and inner arms and watch them squirm as you roll up and down. Sharp enough to electricy the senses, this pinwheel is an excellent toy to introduce yourselves to the world of sensation play!

This makes an ideal gift to treat yourself, or your partner for Valentine's Day, and other special holidays.


Passion Fetish Kit Gift Box Specs:

Flogger Measurements: Total length 20.5 inches

Fuzzy Cuffs Measurements: 11 inches total length, adjusts from 5.5 to 7 inches in wrist circumference

Satin Blindfold Measurements: 7.25 inches in length, 3 inches in height

Devil Pinwheel Measurements: 3.1 inches overall length, 1 inch wheel diameter

Materials: Metal, fabric, ABS Plastic, PU Leather

Color: Black and Red
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