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Breast Masturbator

Breast Masturbator

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Key Features

Premium BioSkin TPE: Soft and stretchy premium BioSkin is used to create a body-safe, phthalate-free and latex-free masturbator you can count on!

Stretchy Perky Breast: Enjoy this round, perky breast with an erect, pink nipple on one side and wet, open labia on the other side.

Tight Massaging Tunnel: The textured tunnel is tight and massages your shaft with each stroke!

Realistic Size and Feel: Designed to enhance your experience with realistic look and design.


Product Description

Who doesn't love boobs? This Breast and Pussy masturbator from Curve combines two of your favorite things into one, elegant, handheld stroker! Made out of premium quality BioSkin TPE, it's soft, stretchy and realistic both visually and when you touch it! The perky breast has a vivid pink nipple on one side of the large, round orb and luscious, pink labia on the other. Insert yourself and feel the tight, textured hole massage your shaft with each stroke as you hold on to the breast! All material is phthalate-free and latex-free so you can play worry-free! Use only with water-based lubricant. Clean before and after use with mild soap and water. Pat dry then sprinkle with cornstarch powder to extend the life of the product. Store separately in a cool, dust-free location.

Grab your lube and squirt some inside the tunnel and a little on your shaft. Slide yourself inside and enjoy stroking! Strokers like these can be used to bring to life the fantasy you already have in mind, add creative and stimulating enhancement to an erotic film or sexy video call, or on their own! The texture of the tunnel and feeling of the soft breast in your hand is unique and exciting, and a perfect way to edge yourself as well! Practice bringing yourself to the edge of release, then stopping to calm down, and starting again! Your final release will be phenomenal and you'll have more practice holding back from busting your nut with a partner later on!



Measurements: Overall: 3.9 inches Length x 3.9 inches Width x 4.1 inches Depth. Insertion depth: 3.5 inches. Weight: 14.4oz

Materials: TPE

Color: Medium

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