Notes on Safety

  • Consult a doctor or medical professional if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, to make sure you are healthy enough for the sexual activity in your life.
  • Clean after use to avoid the buildup of any bacteria, as this can cause infections. Simple soap and water will do, but for more in-depth cleaning, you can also use anti-bacterial wipes.
  • Store sex toys in a cool, dry place, to make sure the material does not become damaged.
  • Sex toys pair perfectly with water-based lube and can be used safely with condoms (especially if they are shared between/among partner(s)). Some silicone toys cannot be used with silicone lubricant - as it may cause damage to the silicone toy. However, this is not the case with all silicone  lubricants. 

Again, if you have any questions or aren’t sure about whether sex toys are for you, there are lots of options for you to continue your research, speak with a sex therapist confidentially or try sample products before committing to a purchase. It’s your sex life, and you deserve it!