Health Benefits of Using Sex Toys

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget this part. There are indeed health benefits to using sex toys! Beyond the general health benefits of sex (including a boost in mood, a spike in self-confidence, stress relief and even an increase in immune health), sex toys can help address and alleviate common health conditions that effect people’s sex lives.

 Here are some of the highlights: Sex toys can…

  • Help some reach orgasm, who are otherwise unable to through sexual activity.
  • Affirm gender identity and address gender dysphoria for those who are transgender, non-binary or gender nonconforming.
  • Unlock sexual activity for those who are disabled or have limited mobility.
  • Treat common sexual health conditions like erectile dysfunction, bladder issues, and even side effects of menopause.
  • Relieve painful sex, through personal exercises, elongated foreplay or exploring alternative forms of sexual pleasure.