Cleaning Your Sex Toy

If you’ve already bought a sex toy from our adult shop, pat yourself on the back—you’ve already done the hard part! The second hardest part? Remembering to clean them properly and regularly. This is especially important if you are using your toys with more than one partner or in multiple orifices.


Antibacterial hand soap and warm water will keep your toy clean as long as you wash it every time you finish playing with your toy.


Porous toys made from jelly and rubber are impossible to sterilize and should always be used with a condom. Even with condom use, make sure you replace porous toys every 6 months. A more practical and much easier type of toy to clean is one made of non-porous silicone. Silicone dildos are efficiently sterilized by running them through the dishwasher or boiling them in water. Do not boil silicone toys that have battery packs, inner mechanisms, or electrical charging docks.